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I must thank you for such excellent service when I had a fault with my Digi-View camera. One phone call to you and after your profuse apologies for...



Trailer Vision™ supply cutting-edge, reliable and cost effective, vehicle based camera systems, including the UK's largest range of 360 degree 'look-down' systems, which eliminate all blind-spots (Omni-Vue™, Omni-Plant™ & Omni-Van™).

We also supply (and install) single or multi-camera systems, accident recorders and the UK’s largest range of digital wireless camera systems.

Whether you manage a fleet or a single vehicle, we can help to reduce accidents/incidents, save time, reduce insurance premiums and meet compliancy/H&S requirements (FORS / CLOCS / SKANSKA etc). 

No more vehicle blind-spots, with Omni-Vuea 'cyclist friendly' 360 degree 'look-down' camera system:

omni-vue, omni-vue 360 degree camera system, look-down camera system. birds eye view camera system


Trailer Vision Ltd were the first UK company to develop wireless camera systems for vehicle applications that utilise the very latest digital wireless (DW) technology. We are now the UK premier supplier of 360 degree 'look-down' camera systems; please see Omni-Vue™, where you will find genuine installation photo's & real-life video (no computer generated 'demonstrations', just the real thing). Flyer Here.

Additionally, we are now delighted to be able to offer a new range of wired camera systems: 'Pro' & 'Plus', whether for safety/FORS/CLOCS etc. compliancy, we can help - further details here. We are also proud to only supply ultra-wide-angle Side View cameras that don't have any blind-spots (unlike most/all rear facing Side View cameras). These cameras are also included in our non-'look-down' 4 camera system '360DVR', please see here.

Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme FORS Approved Supplier  FORS TLF  clocs skanska compliant 

Please contact us, for trade prices, a specific quotation, and/or to discuss your particular application; we always strive to surpass customer expectations and we can often tailor camera systems to meet your specific requirements. We will be pleased to visit your company/location and provide a product demonstration and/or a tailored presentation; we look forward to hearing from you soon. (Gallery Here)

New Products

Omni-Vue™, is a 4 camera 'look-down' system, providing operators with a 360 degree view around the vehicle, eliminating all blind spots. The easy-to-interpret display also helps the driver to manoeuvre in difficult situations.

The system automatically displays the most useful individual camera view, i.e. reverse camera displayed when reversing, or side camera displayed when turning (the 'look-down' view is always displayed).

The system is usually supplied with a 4 channel DVR (128GB SSD, equivalent to 500GB HDD) ensuring that any incidents are recorded, helping to reduce insurance premiums and providing vital evidence to combat 'crash for cash' scams.

Omni-Vue™ is suitable for all vehicle types, whether rigid bodied, or tractor/trailer. The following photo's show just a few of our previous installations ('click' to open for a larger image):

tipper look-down camera system omni-vue Omni-Vue Monitor Tipper 360 birds-eye camera system recovery truck look down camera system DHL look down camera system
omni-vue HGV HGV trailer camera omni-vue look-down camera system monitor tipper 360 degree camera system
fire engine 360 degree camera system fire appliance look-down camera system fire appliance 360 camera system fire engine 360 birds-eye camera system
coach 360 degree camera system coach look-down camera system 360 degree FORS camera system 270 degree calibration tractor trailer
360 degree birds-eye camera system vehicle 360 camera system volvo look-down camera system mixer 360 degree camera system omni-view
look-down vehicle camera system HGV look-down birds-eye camera system cement pump camera system omni-vue 360 degree camera system
cement pump camera system omni-vue 360 degree camera system birds-eye vehicle camera system 360 degree coach camera system
recovery vehicle camera system 360 degree vehicle camera system tanker 360 degree look-down camera system backeye 360
look-down camera system 360 degree camera system refuse vehicle bin wagon HGV 360 camera system 360 degree horsebox camera system
360 degree recycling vehicle camera system 360 degree omni-view omni-vue refuse vehicle 360 degree camera system omni-vue 360 camera system

360DVR™, is a 4 camera system and DVR, which provides operators with a 360 degree view around the vehicle, although without a 'look-down' view (please see above, Omni-Vue™, for a 'look-down' camera system). 

'Plus' & 'Pro' is a range of wired camera systems, that include reversing cameras, ultra-wide-angle side view cameras, ultrasonic sensors, turning warning alarms and much more.






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