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I must thank you for such excellent service when I had a fault with my Digi-View camera. One phone call to you and after your profuse apologies for...



We have recently (May 15) launched a new version of our innovative 360 degree camera system 'Omni-Vue™', the new system is called 360 Omni-Vue™ Park and is designed for cars, 4x4's, motorhomes, vans/LGV's. Here's 2 videos:


Further information here.

Our Facebook page will be regularly updated, with news about shows and product launches, so please have a look and a 'Like' would be very much appreciated:


Here's a video of our latest product, 'Omni-Vue' a 360 degree 'all-round' camera system that completely illiminates blind spots: 

Further Information here.

Omni-Vue™,  our 360 degree 'look-down' camera system, was recently (Autumn 2014) installed on the DHL/Quiet Cities demonstration vehicle:

DHL Quiet Cities, Omni-Vue look-down camera system

Trailer Vision on TV

Our Digi-Max™ system featured on the Channel 5 program about Eddie Stobart (now updated to 'Digi-Max2'). The system is utilised to check on an unusual load: 

Reproduced with the kind permission of Channel 5.