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I wanted to write to compliment you on your excellent Equi-Vue2 camera which I used for the first time at the weekend. Quick delivery, easy to set up...


FORS Silver / CLOCS & DVS Compliant Camera Systems

The following, high quality/specification, cameras and monitors can be combined to produce the ideal system, whether for safety or FORS / CLOCS and Direct Vision Standard (DVS) compliancy, or to meet other operational requirements. Examples of our high quaility/specification systems are detailed below:

1. FORS Silver / CLOCS / DVS Compliant System*  - £875

7" Monitor, Side View Camera, Rear View Camera, Turning Warning Alarm, Reversing Alarm, Ultrasonic Sensors & Cables

2. FORS Silver / CLOCS / DVS Compliant System - RADAR* - £1295

7" Monitor, Side View Camera, Rear View Camera, Turning Warning Alarm, Reversing Alarm, RADAR Sensor & Cables

*For rigid bodied vehicles only, for Tractor/Trailers, additional Suzy or DW 'Auto Pairing' Modules will be required for the trailer/reversing camera.

Optional Recording

System 1 (above) with 2CH DVR - £1095

System 1 (above) with 4 cameras & 4CH DVR - £1795

System 2 (above) with 2CH DVR - £1515

System 2 (above) with 4 cameras & 4CH DVR - £2100

FORS Requirements (V5, from Jan19: S6)

(Please 'click' below for further details):


Installation can be completed anywhere in the UK, whether your company operates 1, 100+ or 1000+ vehicles; installation teams are qualified and all work is guaranteed. SLA's and training, if required, is also available, please contact us for further details. 


- tippers / aggregate transporters / bulk transporters / mixers
- refuse vehicles

- excavators / plant
- ambulances / fire engines / emergency service vehicles
- home delivery vehicles / delivery vehicles (rigid body or tractor-trailer)
- road sweepers / gritters
- coaches / buses / horseboxes / motorhomes

volvo HGV side & front CA-180 Camera volvo dash with 7" Pro Monitor & DR-400

Specification Sheets

CM-709M1 - 7" Digital Monitor

CM-200 - Compact Reversing Camera

CM-5180 - Compact Side View Camera (No Blind Spots)


360 Degree 'Surround View' Camera System

For the ultimate camera system that eliminates all vehicle blind-spots, please see Omni-Vuea 'cyclist friendly' 360 degree 'surround view' camera system:

omni-vue, omni-vue 360 degree camera system, look-down camera system. birds eye view camera system


When 4 ultra-wide-angle lens cameras are utilised with the DVR (DR-400N), all 4 camera 'full' images are recorded, as below, ensuring that no potential 'evidence' is missing, guaranteed no blind-spots:

(2 camera 'overlap', check time '39 sec', of front & side, rear & side '38 sec' - camera lenses still need to be cleaned!).

dvromni-vue side cameraomni-vue 360 degree camera system rear camera360 camera system