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I wanted to write to compliment you on your excellent Equi-Vue2 camera which I used for the first time at the weekend. Quick delivery, easy to set up...


360 Omni-Van™

360 Omni-Van, is an innovative 360 degree, 'look-down' camera system, providing drivers with a complete view around the vehicle, eliminating all blind spots.

The completely new system is based on the extremely successful Omni-Vue™ and utilises the same technology, however, the cameras/cables have been redesigned to suit LCV applications and to simplify the installation process. Additionally, the system ECU (Electronic Control Unit) is much smaller and operates from 12V (only); this has resulted with a very cost-effective system, with prices from only £595 (+VAT).

The easy to interpret 'look-down' display, is always displayed helping the driver to manoeuvre in difficult situations and ensuring excellent situational awareness. Additionally, the monitor also displays a single camera view, in the RH window, which is triggered automatically, i.e. a side-view camera is displayed when indicating, ensuring no blind-spots, and the rear camera is displayed when reversing (the rear camera is also the default RH view). The system can be supplied with a 2CH or 4CH SD DVR or a 4CH DVR (500GB-1TB HD) ensuring that all incident/accident evidence is recorded, helping to reduce both false claims ('crash for cash') and insurance premiums.


The following photo shows a cyclist in the vehicles (mirrors) blind-spot, but the cyclist can be seen by the Omni-Van™ side-camera, in both the LH 'look-down' view and very clearly in the RH window:

cyclist 360 degree camera system

The images from 4 ultra wide-angle lens cameras are 'blended' together and presented in a single 'birds-eye' view, which gives the driver excellent situational awareness when manoeuvring at low speed, or into difficult locations. All blind-spots are elliminated and cyclists etc are easily seen; the above photo shows a 'clear' side-view mirror & Omni-Van automatically displays the 'blind-spot'/cyclist and more:

 FORS Approved TFL FORS  clocs

Omni-Van™ is suitable for all van sizes types. The following photo's show just a few of our previous installations ('click' to open for a larger image):

360 omni-van motorhome 360 degree camera system horsebox look-down camera system 5th wheel 360 degree camera system
caravan 360 degree camera system motorhome look-down camera system 360Omni-Van Omni-Van monitor


- vans
- home delivery vehicles / delivery vehicles
- mini-buses
- motorhomes / 5th Wheels / caravans

If utilised with a 4CH DVR, all 4 camera 'full' images are recorded, as below, ensuring that no potential 'evidence' is missing, guaranteed no blind-spots:

(2 camera 'overlap', check time '39 sec', of front & side, rear & side '38 sec' - camera lenses still need to be cleaned).

omni-vue  omni-vue side camera

omni-vue 360? camera system rear camera 360 camera system

Clean Lenses:

omni-vue recorded image

Installation and Calibration

The 4 cameras are installed at the front/back and sides of the vehicle, ideally at the mid-points, however, they can be installed at other locations (i.e. the side-view cameras can be located on the cab), as the system is then calibrated to the vehicle.

The standard system, includes the following components:

- 4 ultra wide-angle cameras (easy fit) and cables (1x18m, 2x10m & 1x5m)
- 6" Monitor or 7" Mirror Mounted Monitor
Remote Control


4CH DVR (500GB HD, 3-axis shock sensor & built-in GPS, can be 'expanded' to 1TB HD)
2CH DVR (16GB SD, 3-axis shock sensor & built-in GPS, can be 'expanded' to 128GB)
- 4CH DVR (16GB SD, 3-axis shock sensor & built-in GPS, can be 'expanded' to 128GB)
- Side Sensors


omni-vue 360 degree look down camera system

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.