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I wanted to write to compliment you on your excellent Equi-Vue2 camera which I used for the first time at the weekend. Quick delivery, easy to set up...


Omni-Plant™ 360 Digital HD

The UK's first 360 degree Surround View (AKA 'Birds-Eye') Digital HD system, providing the following benefits:

  • SKANSKA, CLOCS, Crossrail, Site Access etc compliant 
  • No blind spots, 360 degree 'look-down' view (full screen or split screen)
  • Digital HD system, providing superior resolution (example images below)
  • Meet H&S requirements
  • Waterproof Metal Monitor 10" - coming soon (currently a digital 7" plastic monitor)
  • Digital DVR coming soon
  • Installation & calibration UK wide (or self install & we will calibrate the same day/next day)
  • Full UK technical support

We present the very latest 360 degree 'Surround View' (aka 'Birds-Eye) technology, Omni-Plant™ 360 Digital HD, which has been specifically designed for plant/machine use and is probably the best SV system that's currently available in the UK; flyer here

Please contact us to discuss your requirements, for trade prices and/or to discuss your particular application; we always strive to surpass customer expectations and we can often tailor systems to meet your specific requirements. 

skanska compliant camera systems cross rail compliant camera systems FORS Approved clocs TFL FORS


Omni-Plant™ 360 Digital HD is suitable for all vehicle/plant/machinery types, whether wheeled, tracked and/or rotational. The following photo's show just a few of our previous installations ('click' to open for a larger image):

Here's the uncalibrated view from each camera (please 'click' for full size/resolution):

omni-plant 360 digital hd right camera  digital HD 360 left camera

plant 360 digital HD front camera  360 digital hd rear camera

Calibration Options

We can provide a selection (10+) of different calibration/view options, including the following:

50:50 split screen calibration vertical full screen calibration horizontal calibration
Split Screen Full Screen - Vertical Full Screen - Horizontal

The usual calibration is 'Split Screen' (50:50), as this provides operators with the 360 degree 'look down' view and an individual camera view (i.e. RH camera on an excavator, the 'blind side', or the rear camera on a telehandler). The system could be re-calibrated at any time to change from one option to another (additional charges may apply). Additionally, the system is completely programmable to enable a larger or smaller, more detailed, view around the machine and this applies not only to the 'look-down' view, but also to each individual camera view, which is displayed in the RH window; there's no 'one size fits all'. Omni-Plant™ 360 Digital HD is probably the most advanced, configurable and useful 360 degree system available in the UK.

7" Digital HD Monitor:

Omni-Plant 360 Digital HD Monitor

(The above 7", Digital HD, monitor is made from high quality plastic, however, a 10" metal/waterproof, Digital HD, monitor will be available soon).


Coming Soon!



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