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I wanted to write to compliment you on your excellent Equi-Vue2 camera which I used for the first time at the weekend. Quick delivery, easy to set up...


Cycle-Safe™ Optical VRU* Detection System

New Cycle-Safe™website here.

Cycle-Safe™ utilises next generation optical technology combining detection and vision in a single 'smart camera'. The intelligent system provides drivers with audible alerts and 'always on' visual warnings. Operators can choose always on audio, or audio enabled only when turning (indicating). Cycle-Safe™ differentiates between moving (VRU's) and static objects, reducing driver workload/false alarms. Cycle-Safe™ can be integrated with other cameras (including additional 'smart cameras'), Sensors, Alarms and DVR's.

  • DVS** / FORS*** compliant 
  • No blind spot (185 degree ultra-wide angle lens camera - 1.3MP / WDR)
  • Only detects moving (towards/closing) objects/VRU's and ignores roadside furniture etc
  • Reduces driver workload (false alarms) and improve situational awareness
  • Utilise with a 'standard' DVR
  • Simple to install (single/combined 'smart camera'/sensor)

*Vulnerable Road User (pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists).

**DVS Compliancy

The Direct Vision Standard requires vehicles that don't meet the highest Star rating (Star ratings are provided by vehicle OEM's and will be dependent on the make/model and specification) to be installed with a 'Safe System' and operators to apply for a 'HGV Safety Permit' (required from 26 Oct 20 to enter the LEZ). The 'Safe System' does not change the vehicle's Star Rating, but does enable operators to gain a 'HGV Safety Permit'. Amongst other 'equipment' a 'Safe System' must include:
  • Side Camera (elimination of side blind-spot) and Monitor

  • Side Detection System (recommended that it does not detect 'roadside furniture')

  • Turning Warning Alarm (left turn)

  • Pictorial Stickers, warning VRU's

Additionally the following equipment is recommended:
  • Front Sensors / Sensor System

Please see the TFL website and the DVS guide is also available here.


*** FORS Compliancy

FORS compliancy requires more than vehicle safety equipment, please see the FORS website (V5 of the FORS Standard can also be downloaded here) for further information, however, for FORS Silver (S6) / Gold (G6) compliancy the following equipment is required: 
FORS Approved
  • Rear Camera (elimination of rear blind-spot) and Monitor
  • Reversing Alarm
  • Side Detection System - Camera & Sensors
  • Turning Warning Alarm (left turn)

Additionally the following equipment is recommended:

  • Front Camera
  • Right (offside) Camera
  • DVR

Please contact us to discuss your requirements, for trade prices and/or to discuss your particular application; we always strive to surpass customer expectations and we can often tailor systems to meet your specific requirements. 


The following video is recorded straight from the vehicle DVR (4CH), which is connected to both the Cycle-Safe™ system and the Omni-Vue™ 360 Digital HD system to demonstrate that Cycle-Safe™ can be recorded at the same time as other cameras/systems via a 'standard' DVR:

The video (above) has been recorded by a 4CH DVR (DR-400N) @1920 x 1080.

The 2nd CH (RHS window) is displaying the 'video out' (monitor view) of Omni-Vue™ 360 Digital HD , a 4 camera 'Surround View' (SV) system, the first Digital HD SV system available in the UK. (The blue area at the bottom, of the video is where the other 2CH's/cameras could be recorded i.e. front camera, load camera, or driver facing camera).

The video (above) has been recorded by a 2CH DVR (DR-120) @ 960 x 480.

System Options:

Cycle-Safe™ can be supplied as:

  • Option 1 - Complete System (Smart Camera/Sensor, Monitor & RCU*, which enables integration with other cameras, sensors & alarms).
  • Option 2 - Complete System without a Monitor**.

All options can be 'upgraded' to include the additional DVS/FORS compliancy equipment (& recommended equipment), or Cycle-Safe™ could be utilised with current equipment, or to upgrade old technology that is prone to false alarms (e.g. ultrasonic sensors); please contact us to discuss your requirements.

*The RCU also includes a separate/additional 'Buzzer/LED'.

** We don't recommend that Cycle-Safe™ is utilised without a Monitor, however, we understand that many vehicles may already include a Monitor.

Download the (Draft) Cycle-Safe™ Flyer here.

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The video (above) has been recorded by a 2CH DVR (DR-120) @ 960 x 480.