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I wanted to write to compliment you on your excellent Equi-Vue2 camera which I used for the first time at the weekend. Quick delivery, easy to set up...


Trailer Vision Reviews


Commercial Endorsements 

DHL Omni-Vue™ is the only 360 degree 'look-down' camera system utilised by DHL fleets.
MAN Truck & Bus Logo Our wired camera systems are supplied to MAN Truck & Bus UK and they integrate with the vehicles screen/MMT.
Omni-Vue™ is utilised by Müller Milk & Ingredients one of the largest 'own-account' vehicle operators in the UK.
Omni-Vue™ is the only 360 degree 'look-down' camera system utilised by Bulkrite.
CIFA Omni-Vue™ is the only 360 degree 'look-down' camera system utilised by CIFA UK (Spanners Mixers).
claydon drills Claydon utilise our wired and digital wireless camera systems.
Sumo Sumo utilise our digital wireless camera systems.
      Fitted as standard equipment (& extra) to Equi-Trek trailers and horseboxes.

Bateson Trailers
 A factory fitted option for all Bateson horse trailers.

Trailer Vision™ camera systems are now fitted to many haulage fleets; performance that meets even the harshest environments. Please see/click here for fleet operators installation photo's (scroll down the page).


Product Reviews

Omni-Vue Please see 'Testimonials' in the side-bar, and below, for individual product reviews .



Customer Reviews


E-Mail (January 2019) - Equi-Vue2™

I wanted to write to compliment you on your excellent Equi-Vue2 camera which I used for the first time at the weekend. Quick delivery, easy to set up and use. A very clear picture which gave me confidence when towing my trailer that my pony was okay. Thanks Annette 

E-Mail (July 2015) - Equi-Vue™

Hi, just thought that I would drop you an emailto say how great the product is!! Easy to install, easy to configure, it just works!! Great product!Thanks for your help, it is greatly appreciated,

Chris, Cornwall.

E-mail (December 2014) - Digi-Lite™

Dear Trailer Vision,

We would just like to write to your company to say a big thankyou for a superb service and an exceptional product, the Digi-Lite system. Not only were we both extremely impressed with the system that has now been fitted to our caravan, but our recent trip to London was a perfect opportunity to try it out. It performed exceptionally well and made our journey much safer. This coupled with your great communication, makes us very sure that other caravan owners will make a good choice in using your products.

Please feel free to contact us if you need a caravan owners recommendation, it would be our pleasure.

Kind Regards,

Norman and Margaret Lovatt

E-mail (October 2013) - Digi-View™

I felt that I must write to say how much I appreciate the excellent service I received from you recently.
My Digi-View camera is now fitted and working. 
It's very good value and very easy to fit. Being digital makes all the difference, no interference. I demonstrated it to a friend who has also purchased one. Keep up the good work.


Gordon Young.

E-Mail (June 2012) - Digi-View™

I just wanted to say thank you for the superb service that I have received from Trailer Vision. Having no experience of fitting cameras etc, I found the process very straightforward and my digi-view system is installed in my horse trailer and working just as it should be. I now have far greater peace of mind when travelling with my horses on my own. I would not have found it half so straightforward, however, if it had not been for your detailed advice on the best way to fit it in my trailer and I'm very grateful that you took the time to help. I do not think,that there are many companies out there who are willing to give such a high level of service. Your business deserves to go from strength to strength.
Best wishes and thanks again,

E-Mail (June 2011) - Digi-Nav™

Just wanted to say how pleased we are with our new Digi-Nav™ system and the wonderful service received from Neil during and after the purchase. I can safely say that Trailer Vision went that "extra mile" to keep this customer satisfied! The product is of the highest quality and easy to use, it gives great peace of mind to be able to see the horses during travel and have a Sat-Nav that won't take you down roads that aren't suitable for a horsebox! Well Done Trailer Vision, you provide a good old fashioned British Service to be proud of!

Andrea Warrington.

Hand-written Letter (September 2010) - Digi-Max™

I just wanted to let you know how glad we are that we purchased a Trailer Vision unit from you. Not only does it relieve the tedium for the passenger on a long journey, but it has definitely saved at least serious injuries to one of our youngsters, possibly even worse. We had loaded two of our two year olds (both good travellers) and had only gone half a mile when the trailer started banging and rocking. Without Trailer Vision, we would probably have kept going for a while to see if they settled. Fortunately, we could see on the monitor one of them 


had caught his head collar on the partition, and in trying to pull free, had jammed the corner of the partition into his gullet and was choking! We were able to cut his head collar and free him. thanks to Trailer Vision, he has suffered no ill effects; and we have peace of mind when travelling.

Vivienne Prior.

Google Customer (04 September 2010)

Excellent friendly company. Always prepared to answer questions on the products, completely and quickly. Products I ordered were received two days after the orders were placed.

BRG Moyse.

By Email (20 May 2010)

Just wanted to say how impressed I am with my TV101 camera system that I purchased the other day. The quality is really good and its easy to setup. It provides real peace of mind to be able to check that my horse is ok when travelling.


Google Customer (30 January 2010)

Trailer Vision were more than helpful with my order. I had wrongly ordered one of the cameras as analogue rather than digital and they telphoned me to check if that was what I really intended. Having sorted out what I needed the items were despatched special delivery and arrived next day. I have not installed them yet but with a quick bench test the quality of the equipment seems very good and the picture received is very clear (Digi-Max).

P Doyle.


By Email (27 November 2009)

...it (Digi-View) works 100% and we are extremely happy. Crystal clear reception, no problems. Exactly what we were looking for as we can change tow vehicles without any drama. Thanks again...

L Siewert (Australia).



By Email (14 November 2009)

I must say that the camera system is one of the best investments that I have ever made. I had to use it about 3 months ago when I travelled my 2 year old mare from Holland to the UK and she had jumped over the breastbar with her two front feet, this was within 3 minutes of us departing. If it wasn't for the camera system I would have never noticed, as I would have blamed the stumbling on just leaving the yard and turning the corner, I would have blamed it on her unsteady position, as she was only 2 and had not travelled a lot. We only had to turn back and undo the breastbar from outside the trailer for her to come down again, thankfully all was well. The system was a great help throughout my long journey and I wouldn't be without it, thanks.

Mrs I P.


Google Customer (24 October 2009)

Very good, item arrived next day and is exactly what I wanted, would definitely recommend. 5 Stars (TV101).

Miss V Fisher.


By Email (10 September 2009)

...having the system has enabled me to see which part of the journey upsets my mare and as a result we can now travel again with care without stressing her or me!! I have got used to this reassurance and dare not travel without it...
Many thanks.

M Brown.


By Email (31 August 2009)

The trailer camera has really made travelling my beloved horse so much less stressful for me (I now know for sure that he is fine), and I would recommend anyone to get one!

Helen T.


By Email (27 March 2009)

Hi Neil, just wanted to let you know that the camera ordered from you on Monday, arrived on Tuesday. Many, many thanks for your help and support, it has been much appreciated and dare I say a rarity these days. I will continue to happily recommend the system & the peace of mind/knowledge it enables me to have. Now back to the rehab program for my dodgy traveller, at least when the wind stops.
Best Wishes,



From the H&H Forum (16 August 2008)

I recently tried to travel my 2 year old colt in my Equi-trek for the first time. He normally travels in my 4 horse Fautra, which is herringbone and he has always been brilliant in there. He loaded fine (a little hesitant at the ramp having never used one... he only has to step into the Fautra), but as soon as we moved he reared up over the bar onto the tack locker appearing like he was desperate to get through the jockey door window. (Thank god for Trailer Vision). Obviously we stopped... (no damage was done).

'MH Sporthorses'.


By Email (17 January 2008)

Whilst writing my Christmas thank you letters, I thought that I should probably write to you as my "trailer vision camera" which I received last Christmas was absolutely fantastic.  Over the last year, I have found towing much less stressful as I have been able to watch the horse. It has made be realise how much of the time he is just standing sleeping or nibbling at his hay and thus I have been far more confident at driving further to competitions.  I can see how he copes at things that I think would scare him eg being overtaken by fire engines or motor-bikes and I can see that the "unknown bangs" are merely head tossing, attempts to scratch or leg kicking temper outbursts caused by flies or impatience at traffic jams.  I always used to worry whether he was too hot/ too cold/ not able to reach his hay etc but now I can see everything it has really helped.  Thank you for helping me to enjoy my horse more.  All the best with your product - it's fantastic.

Louise Clark.


By Email (19 October 2007)                      

Just a quick note to thank you very much for your prompt action on Tuesday this week to get the system to me, which duly arrived the next day! It was simple to fit (even in the dark!) and worked superbly yesterday to keep an eye on our poorly boy on the journey to the Equine Clinic and home again – an excellent product!

Thanks again,



By Email (13 September 2007):

Hi again Neil, just to say i have received already, the part requested, many thanks and congratulations on a first class customer service, it is indeed much appreciated.




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