Equi-Vue2™ Excellent product, easy to set up and works a treat! Would highly recommend! I’m using an old iPhone to link it to, in the car....


Digi-Star 2D™ DAB Unit

Digi-Star 2D™ DAB Unit


The DAB unit connects to the Digi-Star 2D™ head unit (& Digi-Star™), providing outstanding digital radio reception as well as the ability to connect and control iPod, iPhone, iPad or compatible USB devices (also enabling 3 modes of operation). It includes a small, but stylish controller with display, which can be installed onto your vehicle dash, a hide-away box and a discreet antenna.The DAB unit works with DAB / DAB+ and DMBR standards. The Digi-Star 2D™ DAB kit contains the following items:

- Controller unit

- Interface box, Cable sets and mounting cradle

- DAB Aerial

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