Equi-Vue2™ Excellent product, easy to set up and works a treat! Would highly recommend! I’m using an old iPhone to link it to, in the car....


Digital Camera Extension Aerial

Digital Camera Extension Aerial


Enables the camera (Digi-Cam™) to be located inside a metal container, or the 'C' section of a rear chassis etc. The aerial, on the end of a 1.5m cable can be located outside the container, or above/below the chassis etc. Additionally, the aerial could be utilised to 'increase' transmission range, by mounting the camera inside a building/stable and by mounting the extension aerial outside the building/stable on the roof/wall (particularly effective for stone built buildings). Specification: - 5dB (standard 2.5dB) - 12cm omni-directional aerial - 1.5m fly lead Please Contact Us for trade prices.

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