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Introductory Price £119.99 (RRP £149.99)

Yard-Vue™ is an innovative, colour, HD, IP camera, which can be viewed 'on demand' from anywhere in the world via any smart device (phone or tablet etc) that's 'connected' (mobile phone signal or Wi-Fi) via a FOC App. Yard-Vue™ records images to a built-in SD card and it can also notify mutiple users if the built-in PIR sensor (push notification) is triggered.

Yard-Vue™ requires the following to operate:

- Mains Power

- a Wi-Fi network* with internet access


The Yard-Vue™ system includes the following:

- Waterproof, HD Colour Camera

- Camera roof/wall Mount

- Mains Power Adapter (240V AC to 5V DC)

- USB to RJ-45 cable (for setting up the camera with your router - can also be set up wirelessly) 

- 8GB Micro SD card (can be utilised with up to 128GB Micro SD)

- Built-in IR (for night vision)

- Built-in PIR (movement) Sensor

Yard-Vue™ is ideal as a 'security camera', or to keep an eye on your horses etc when away from the yard, live images can viewed 'anytime/anywhere' and several cameras can be utilised at the same time. Multiple users can be notified (push notification) if the built-in PIR is triggered & saved images (built-in SD card - 8GB provides storage for approx 400, 60 second videos) can be accessed remotely via the App (or the SD card can be removed from the camera). There is no Sim card and no monthly etc fees.

Download the Yard-Vue™ User Manual here.

Download the Yard-Vue™ Quick Start Guide here.


* To check whether your Wi-Fi Network reaches/is present in the preferred location of your Yard-Vue™ camera, please use a smart device (mobile phone etc) to see if you can join your network from that location (with that device). Wi-Fi Repeaters/Boosters can also be utilised to extend Wi-Fi range, or it may be possible to re-locate your Wi-Fi router/hub to a different location (closer to the proposed Yard-Vue™ location). 

Yard-Vue™  Yard-Vue™

Yard-View  yard-vue phone image wifi camera

Yard-Vue   Yard-Vue night vision

Yard-Vue  yard view, Yard Vue camera

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