I wanted to write to compliment you on your excellent Equi-Vue2 camera which I used for the first time at the weekend. Quick delivery, easy to set up...


Multi-Vue™ Mirror Mounted Monitor

Multi-Vue™ Mirror Mounted Monitor


Multi-Vue™ is an innovative & compact single lens camera system that produces two views; a 'look-down' view when reversing and a 'look-back' view when travelling forwards. High quality 700TV Lines lens and stainless steel case. The 'look-down' view is displayed/triggered when reversing - trigger connection needs connecting to reverse light fuse etc.

The 2 Monitor Views (not the supplied Monitor):

multi-vue reversing

multi-vue rear


System Includes:

- Camera (Single Lens, Dual View, 'look-down' & 'look-back') - new for 2018 - 1.3MP lens 

- 7" Mirror Mounted Monitor (4.3" Monitor in photo's above)

- 9m cable


Mirror Mounted Monitor (Displaying Omni-Van™):

mirror mounted monitor

Mirror Mounted Monitor (Displaying Digi-Lite™):

Mirror Mounted Monitor (DW camera view)